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waterproof connectors

waterproof connectors global connectivity, a leading manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity, today announced the availability of new-angle adapter, D-Sub. These adapters are designed for tight integration D-sub-area without tension in the cord or plug.

Angle Adapter D-Sub, as you are placed very popular with frequent users of the data to peripherals such as barcode scanners, printers and POS devices former.

waterproof connectors has a right angle out D-sub adapter for more than a year.

waterproof connectors, offers an unprecedented global leader in the manufacture of oio_20wt wire and wireless connectivity products, a wide range of solutions and customer service in the electronics and data communications.

December 19, more about the waterproof connectors Brands, please visit the official website of the consulting company, specializing in waterproof connectors network to share information platform Welcome!

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