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Hey Beaver and Steve fans, I have two new books out!

Mameshiba on the Loose is the tale of the adventures of a group of beans with tiny dog faces - yes that's right, BEAN DOGS. Bean dogs that love trivia. The book is illustrated by Jorge Monlongo, with scripts by me.

Super Animal Adventure Squad is about the adventures of the world's most elite team of anthropomorphic secret agents, as they thwart evil scientists, battle pirates and eat lots of cake. It is released on the 6th of October 2011 and is completely drawn and written by me. All of it! There is also a facebook page for it here

If you like Beaver and Steve I am pretty sure you will find these books exceedingly enjoyable, so please check them out! (these links will take you to the amazon UK website, but they are also available from many other retailers and will hopefully be in shops too!)

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Hey! No fairies in today's comic for a change! Sorry I haven't updated my vote incentive for a long time - I'm really busy at the moment and drawing dinosaurs has somehow slipped well down my list of priorities (so you know I must be really busy - usually it's somewhere near the top). I'll try and get rid of that stupid trilobite eventually though - but you know, you could just vote because you love me.

Speaking of voting, as some of you already know, I've been nominated for 'best newcomer' in the Cartoonists Choice Awards. It's probably just through some sort of elaborate clerical error, but if you have a webcomic and you like the strip feel free to sign up and vote for me anyway.

Hey! That's it for now! Have a good weekend!

- James
17 Jun 2005

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