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Well, I just about managed it: here's part 2 of the story. Things are progressing a little slowly at the moment since I don't really have time to make longer strips, but once the story gets going things should pick up. And I've managed to get an engineer to connect our phone line this afternoon rather than in april, so perhaps I'll be back on the internet before too long after all.

There's a bunch of new pictures in the fan art section including a great strip by Max of fade resistant - make sure you check it out.

I'm still getting ready for the UK Webcomix Thing tomorrow, but things are starting to shape up: I'm going to have a big eye catching sign (that I'll also be turning into a Beaver and Steve wallpaper as soon as I get the chance), I'll be handing out free mini comics (the 'how'd do you like them apples' story printed in black and white) to give people a tatser and get them interested, and best of all a big pile of Beaver and Steve badges (despite Bandai's best attempts at thwarting me). I'm not sure if I'll be giving them away in an attempt to generate interest, or selling them in an attempt to generate CASH MONEY, but if any are left over at the end of the day I'll sell them here on the site - that's right, your chance to own your very own Beaver and Steve badge! There may also be stickers. Please come and see me!!

And finally if any of you guys are livejournal users you can be alerted as soon as the strip is updated with the Beaver and Steve livejournal syndication thingamybob! Ok, I'm not really sure what this is since I'm not a livejournal user, but since it was set up by Zach from Joe and Monkey it's got to be awesome. (P.S did you see my guest strip? Why not??)

Right, I'll see you folks later

- James
18 Mar 2005

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