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News update!
The new forum is up and working!

Well, it looks like just about everyone guessed what the first line of this strip would be - am I really that predictable? And after making sure that I only had to do a very short strip I still haven't even started packing. D'oh.

Some mean old hacker attacked the forums at Drunkduck where the B+S forum is hosted, so most of the entries got deleted. Since this kind of gives us a fresh start we'll shortly be moving the forum to one hosted here so we can do all sorts of fancy things with it - woo. So make sure you keep an eye out for that.

In the mean time though keep checking out the old forum - I'll be posting some preliminary t-shirt designs today or tomorrow, so you can drop by and tell me what you think. But I think they need some work.

For my readers in the UK, make sure you come and see me at this:

There are going to be a few big names from the UK webcomics world there too, so it'll be worth checking out.

And of course, don't forget to keep voting to see more dinosaurs than you could shake a prehistoric stick at. Oh yes.

- James
7 Mar 2005

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