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Hello! Are you intrigued by the message above? Would you like to have your artwork appear on the Beaver and Steve front page? Would you like to win signed copies of Beaver and Steve volumes 1&2? Do you know which end of a pencil is the one used for drawing with? If you answered yes to all these questions then this is the competition for you!

As you may have noticed from the prevelance of guest strips of late, I am suffering a little work overload at the moment. However, rather than abandon Beaver and Steve into the murky world of 'Hiatus' I have decided that for the next few weeks I will get someone else to provide the art for the comic, while I continue to produce the scripts. Which is the hard part obviously. So to determine who will be the 'lucky' person burdened, uh, I mean rewarded with the chance to illustrate my insane ramblings, I have decided to hold a competition! Woo! Prizes!

Ok, the competition goes something like this: I have written a script that will last for the next 4-5 weeks of updates, full of hilarity and pathos and intrigue (just like all my scripts), and I want YOU to illustrate the first episode! (the script and address to send it to are below) Then a panel of expert judges (me, and possibly my girlfriend) will look at all the entries and decide which artist has done the best job, and then that lucky individual will be sent the rest of the script to illustrate on a weekly basis until the end of the story! How does that sound? I know: it sounds UNIMAGINABLY EXCELLENT. And as if getting to slave away drawing as I send you pages and pages of barely intelligible scripts wasn't reward enough, I will also send you personalised copies of Beaver and Steve volumes 1&2 too! Joy!

Ok, now for some RULES:

1) The closing date for this competition is 12pm GMT on thursday the 1st of May. You've only got one week! Hurry!

2) Do NOT enter the competition if you will not have time to draw one comic a week for the next 4-5 weeks. Please! If you do win and then are unable to complete the full story line on schedule you will forfeit the prize, and the second-place artist will finish off the story. Hopefully!

3) You have to draw to my script(s), but variation within that is acceptable and encouraged. Put strange things in the background! Make Beaver wear a tie! Go mad!

4) You must not be, nor ever have been, a member of the Panda Appreciation Society.

5) Entries must be no wider than 750 pixels.

6) Three runners up will win a set of Beaver and Steve badges, and may be contacted for future guest artist work next time I am busy!

7) In the event of a draw the winner will be determined by a western-style shoot-out.

Ok, the script for episode one is in the form of a half finished comic which can be found HERE (it gets much more exciting after this. There are ALIENS. And David Hasselhoff.). Entries to the cometition should be sent to this address: (but don't forget - you only have one week in which to do it!). That's it - get drawing, and good luck!

I hope at least some of you have been inspired - this is a bit of an experiment and I have no idea how it will work or even if I will get any entries... but if it's successful I may want to take the winner and/or runners-up on to illustrate the strip on a more permanent basis until I can get more time to work on the comic again. Only time will tell! Oh and if you have any questions about the competition you can post them here.

- James
25 Apr 2008

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