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Some comics I have to struggle at to get to work - I have to take the words and rework them again and again to make the joke work, physically beating the panels into comedic submission. But some comics spring from my mind onto the page ready formed, as though they were a story that was just waiting to be told. A story that needed to be told.

The comic that you know see before you was one of the latter, gushing out in a terrifying torrent of panels that I was barely able to draw fast enough. Therefore I must deduce that apparently you needed to be told a story about a lizard with a colony of brain sucking parasitic worms living on its head, and as such I cannot be blamed for any distress, woe, general misery or loss of appetite this tale may cause. I wash my hands of the whole sorry affair. Ew.

I have drawn a guest strip up for your viewing pleasure this week, and as if that wasn't special enough I drew it with my left hand (and not, as the image's appearance would suggest, under the influence of large amounts of alcohol). Take a wander over to the wobbly world of Left-Handed Toons (by right-handed people) to discover just how far from being ambidextrous I am. This once again goes to prove that age old adage: lefties cannot be trusted.

I have been finding many wonders on my trawls through the hallowed halls of the internet of late, but not wishing to overload you I shall start you off on a little animated hors d'oeuvre to whet your appetite: Savage Chickens has been tickling my funny bone for some time now, but this particlar episode raised the bar just a little. It was an entry in a competition to make a music video for the song 'Phantom Mountain', and quite deservedly Mr Savage won first prize! Bravo that man!

- James
5 Oct 2007

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