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Hello my attractive and discerning readers! I hope you've enjoyed the last 300 episodes (if you missed the ones pictured above make sure you go back through the archives and read them - they're real classics) - there have been times when I've wanted to pack it all in along the way, and times when my weak physical body has proved inadequate for the task, but yet inexplicably here I am, still churning out the same tired old gags! Will I ever stop making jokes about Steve eating inappropriate things? Not until the heat death of the universe! Or until I get really fed up, which ever comes first.

There are some exciting (well, exciting to me anyway) new changes in store for the site in honour of my bloody minded persistence - if you take a gander over to the right of this here news box which you are reading with your eyes right now, you will at some point today (perhaps it is there already! Oh the mysteries of the FUTURE!) see a new 'Spread the Love' box in place of the stinky old 'Vote' box. This is filled with a cornucopia of new options for spreading the Beaver and Steve-y love: you can send comics to you friends, and post comics on your blog, or myspace or facebook or just about any other place on the internet you can think of. I hope to also add the possibility to get updates of new comics to appear right in your inbox or on your website so you never have to miss another comic again!

I hope you'll all enjoy using these tools, and if you have any comments or suggestions don't hesitate to let me know! Thinking of hestitating? DON'T. Now quick - go through the archives and send every single episode to your friends! Crash my server! I command it!

- James
17 Aug 2007

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