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Here's my first attempt at using a brand new Beaver and Steve font - it's not perfect but I think it came out pretty well! Thanks to everyone who offered to help out with the font - I think this is really going to make things a lot easier once I get the hang of it!

Now exciting news: the Beaver and Steve t-shirts are back in stock! They're available in all sizes, but supplies are fairly limited so if you want to make sure you get the size you want I recommend you order as soon as possible. Hurry!

I've been quite productive this week - I've done a guest strip for another comic, I've begun work on a new t-shirt design and I've also worked on my first ever comissioned artwork. You can check out the pencilled version of that by clicking on the vote button - I'll be uploading a new portion of the image each day next week, so make sure you vote every day to see them all. Or just wait a few weeks and it will probably be available as a wallpaper. Hurrah for productivity!

- James
3 Nov 2006

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