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This comic very nearly didn't get made, and the story of the events of last night is not one for the faint-hearted. Those of you of a nervous dispostion are advised to simply enjoy the comic and move on, blissfully unaware of the UNIMAGINABLE HORRORS I faced last night. For those of a more corageous nature, please brace yourself as you read on: I cannot be held accountable for anyone who spotaneously expires out of sheer fright.

As summer enters full swing the nights are starting to get decidedly clammy, and so I decided employ nature's air-conditioning (also known as 'breezes') and leave my window wide open, to keep cool while I drew the comic. I was happily drawing the strip when suddenly a baleful sound met my ears: FLIK-A-FLIK! It sounded like the gargantuan beating wings of some deamonic bat, but in my heart I new the reality was far, far worse. The beast that had entered my room was none other than the greatest villain of the animal kingdom, that satan on dusty wings: a MOTH.

After flying around for a bit the black-winged fiend eventually lost interest in repeatedly dive-bombing my head and took up residence on the wall. Taking advantage of this remission in the onslaught I finished the comic and went to my computer to scan and colour it. Little did I know that reinforcements were waiting to ambush me there.

I made several attempts to scare it away by stabbing it with the mouse pointer, but to no avail, so with gritted teeth I did perhaps the bravest thing I have ever done: I coloured the comic while there was a moth on the monitor, and I did it all for YOU. Admittedly when the moth did inevitably launch itself directly at my face I did give a small shriek and stand on the bed for a bit, but that is beside the point. I am a hero, and from now on today will be declared an international holiday. World 'Comics in the face of moth-based adversity' Day. We'll have little flags and everything.

Today's cool comic link: Michael's Exciting Life. I always admire the bravery of anyone who can appear in a photocomic. But they're still not as brave as people who go up against moths obviously. MOTHS.

- James
9 Jun 2006

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