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The moral of today's comic is: when you are trekking through a swamp, never forget your dot repellant.

Right, I'll get straight to the most exciting news first: Over the last few weeks I've been working with the extremely talented Will from Calico Monkey to make an animation based on characters from the comic! Ok, admittedly when I say 'I've been working with', I mean that Will did all the hard work, and I just occasionally said things like 'make emotibot grin more' and helpful stuff like that. But I think that's probably the most important role. I am a MANAGER.

Will was great to work with and it's really been a lot of fun seeing this project grow up from storyboards to a finished piece, so I hope you folks will enjoy it to. Anyway, the animation is called 'Emotibot and the Butterfly' and you can view it by clicking on this bit of text here. Will is going to be submitting it to a couple of competitions including the Nickelodeon Animation Festival, so maybe it will even get on TV. WHO KNOWS?

Those more observant amongst you may have noticed a few changes around here. The site has undergone a minor make over and we've added a few mind-blowing new features:
* permanent links to the shop and the fan wiki. I am not even kidding! Woo!
* The whole layout had been widened so from now on every comic will be a full FIFTY pixels wider. Yes: 50 pixels more FUN every monday and friday.
* And most excitingly of all there is also an incredibly exclusive MAILING LIST just below the news section - just enter your email to receive all the latest Beaver and Steve news straight to your inbox. The future has arrived and it will probably be emails about biscuits! Ok, I'm not really sure what I'm going to use it for, but whatever it is I am 99% sure you will not want to miss out on it when I do. SIGN UP TODAY!

- James
2 Jun 2006

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