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Man this strip took FOREVER to draw - I am never drawing a creature with strings of sausages for tentacles EVER AGAIN. Don't forget to look out for today's theme: sealife wearing hats.

I will be making a suprise appearance (in that it's kind of a suprise to me) at the Bristol Comic Expo this saturday to try to sell a few books. I'll be perched on a corner of the Accent UK table, and I'm not sure if anyone will talk to me, so if you live somewhere near by or if you were going along anyway please drop by to say hi!

And speaking of the book, you can now read some customer reviews online at the page for it. Most people seem to think it's pretty good!

Don't forget to keep voting - we almost broke the top 10 this week - until that no good (awesome) Joe Dunn stormed past with his stinky (and very good) comic Joe Loves Crappy Movies. Come on - we can catch him easy. Crush Joe! Crush him! (uh, sorry Joe!) I'll be putting up new vote incentives similar to the current one throughout the next couple of weeks, so come back to vote everyday. P-please?

And MORE news! I still have a few t-shirts left to sell: I have men's imagination shirts in sizes S,L and XL, women's imagination shirts in sizes L and XL, and boy's meat shirts in sizes L and XL. They'll be 9 to the UK, 10 to europe and 11 everywhere else. Numbers are strictly limted so if you want one email me at

And finally, today's cool comic link: The Book of Bob. It's only just starting out, so now is an excellent time to get on board and bagsy the good seats. Go!

- James
12 May 2006

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