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Sorry about the late comic - but it will go up later today, so check back soon.

But yes: BOOK! I spent all saturday sticking labels on envelopes, carrying huge piles of books and licking approx 400 stamps (my tongue is now withered and brittle) and now the first batch of books has been shipped! All of you lovely people who ordered: thanks! Your books will be arriving soon! And to everyone else: I am still a quite long way short of breaking even (I will not say exactly how far for fear that I may begin to weep openly) so it would be pretty cool if you placed an order. I'll be putting some better pictures of the book up soon so you can see just how cool this thing is - 112 pages of FULL COLOUR fun!

In other news, yesterday was St Georges Day, the day we brits celebrate the patron saint of England (a turk who never came to the country) by performing traditional british activities such as beer drinking and foreigner fearing. A few of my fellow British webcomic creators are celebrating the event in the only way they know how, by having a piss up - each comic involved is doing a special sword-themed comic to celebrate the event, so go to the site and check them out!

And as if that wasn't enough dragon-slaying fun, I've also received an awesome piece of St George-themed fan art - check it out! And while you're about it check out the rest of the great fan art that I get sent - I love it all. Woo!

Anyway, come back later to see the finished comic, and I'll speak to all you lovely lovely people again soon.

- James
24 Apr 2006

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