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Hey Beaver and Steve fans, I have two new books out!

Mameshiba on the Loose is the tale of the adventures of a group of beans with tiny dog faces - yes that's right, BEAN DOGS. Bean dogs that love trivia. The book is illustrated by Jorge Monlongo, with scripts by me.

Super Animal Adventure Squad is about the adventures of the world's most elite team of anthropomorphic secret agents, as they thwart evil scientists, battle pirates and eat lots of cake. It is released on the 6th of October 2011 and is completely drawn and written by me. All of it! There is also a facebook page for it here

If you like Beaver and Steve I am pretty sure you will find these books exceedingly enjoyable, so please check them out! (these links will take you to the amazon UK website, but they are also available from many other retailers and will hopefully be in shops too!)

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Hey! I don't really like to make a fuss, but HEY IT IS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT FRIDAY. Woo!

So I expect a few of you are probably thinking 'Hey, this James Turner dude is one cool guy: he makes this comic twice every week and then he lets us read it for free! If only there was some way I could give this super sweet hombre a present for his birthday to show how awesome I think he is and to thank him for brightening my life with his shiny pictures, and maybe somehow at the same time get my hands on some exclusive artwork and merchandise.' Well today is your lucky day!

Here is a link to my Amazon Wishlist (it is mostly filled with childrens books) - if you buy me any item from it I will send you an ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART and a Beaver and Steve BADGE as a thank you! FOR REAL.

Two lovely amazing people have already sent me things from it and their splendid art and badges will be heading out to them soon! Thank you lovely generous people!

- James
27 Jan 2006

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