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1) 10 million years ago sky-octopi were the top level predators. No one knows about this because they were too squishy to leave fossils.
2) this is exactly how evolution happens. In the future this comic strip will be printed in biology text books.
3) sky-octopi are resposible for 90% of things that have evolved. We only have opposeable thumbs because our monkey ancestors used them for gouging sky-octopus eyes.
4) horseplay is DANGEROUS.

In other news, the IMAGINATION shirt preorders have now closed, and the orders will shortly be going to the printers, so all you wise and beautiful people who bought one will be getting something very special through your letterbox within the next few weeks. I know I cannot wait to get mine.

Wheels are turning to get the first ever Beaver and Steve book into production - I am currently looking into printers and organising the archives, and I am still hoping to get it ready in time for the UK Webcomix Thing in march. The current plan is to make it comic book sized and FULL COLOUR (including colour versions of the first 9 comics AND a series of ALL NEW strips that will only be available in the book), but I will have to see how much it will cost. Watch this space!

- James
6 Jan 2006

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